"Necking" was composed for a class on contemporary composition techniques, instructed by Jérôme Blais at Dalhousie. It is a piece for the neck of the saxophone. Notating this peiece was a challenge...


Necking Legend

These tunes can all be heard on the Cosmic Charlie's recording posted under the music section of this website. I also have a few arrangements for the Nonet that aren't posted, but I'd be happy to share them.

Time Spent With You

Stella By Starlight Reharmonization

Fluctuations - Alto Sax

Fluctuations - Bass

Flucuations - Piano

Auris Boris

Blue Newt - Rhythm Section

Blue Newt - Tenor Sax


I thought I'd post a few essays from my undergraduate career.

If you want to know a bit about the history of the coffee trade, and why you should drink fair trade coffee read:

Coffee, Poverty, and the Global Trading System

This essay is about the links between Urban Autonomy and Progressive Environmental Programs

Progressive Environmental Programs, Municipal Finance, and Urban Autonomy

Short Fiction

These three stories were written at the end of high school. I still like them though, so I though I'd put them up.


Farquahar's Grains

Whiskey and Starlight