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USA West Coast

These are a selection of photos taken during the bicycle trip that Laura and I did in the fall of 2004.

This beautiful sunset took place in southern Oregon. I remember that on this occasion Laura and I actually stopped and watched the whole sunset. Normally, we were racing with the sunset in order to set up camp before it got dark.

This is a nice shot of the bikes loaded up. It is actually not that hard to propel a loaded bike. It is not too hard to get it moving and to keep it going at a reasonable speed. The weight of the gear creates inertia (I think?) such that the bike feels like it is pulling you. However, it is harder to balance, and if you are stopped the whole thing will fall to the ground in a split second with the slightest shift of weight (very frustrating). This shot was taken near Bay Center in southern Washington. Bay Center is a bit of a sad town, especially since it is almost dead--it still has a post office, but the grocery store went out of business.


These are a few of the photos taken when we were in Mexico in the winter of 2005.

Here is a fine looking pelican at a lagoon(?) on the Baja peninsula. Here's a limerick about pelicans:

  There is a fine bird called the pelican.
  Whose beak holds as much as his belly can.
  He can hold in his beak,
  enough food for a week,
  and I'll be darned if I know how the hell he can.

This was at a stingray graveyard. There were dozens of carcasses. Apparently, people punch circles out of the wings and sell them as scallops.

Teotihuacan is an ancient city outside of Mexico City. No one knows who built it. It predates the arrival of the Mexica, who built Mexico City (Tenochtitlan). However, (as I recall) archeologists tell us that the city was contemporaneous to and equally as large and influential as Rome at its peak. There are two huge pyramids on the site (as well as some smaller ones), one for the moon and one for the sun. The one in the photo is the sun pyramid at it is the larger one.

The four photos above are from the small town of Benito Juarez in southern Mexico, near the city of Oaxaca. The town is at an amazing 3000m altitude, and the views were beautiful, the people nice, the air clean, etc. There were also tonnes of agave cacti (what tequila is made from) with giant 10-20ft blooms coming out of them.

This photo was taken in the backyard of the farm where Laura and family lived for two and half years.

These two are from a farm just outside the beautiful city of San Miguel de Allende, a popular tourist/retirement location with Americans. There we camped in a cactus forest, which was pretty neat...

Mexico is largely a devout Catholic country. As such, there are many churches. As well, there are tons of, I think, very ugly "shrines" all over the place, featuring gaudi renderings of various biblical scenes. The unusually large example of this phenomenon shown in this picture is from a church in San Cristobal de las Casas, Chiapas.

Here's a picture of an iguana whose sunbathing we diturbed while walking amongst the ruins of the Mayan city Palenque. He took off quickly, and zipped up a nearby tree. He was well over two feet long...